Bond Application:

I, the undersigned, hereby apply for a Bond to the Surety Company (“SURETY”) through Jet Insurance Company. (“JET”), with whom I hereby grant the authority to act on my behalf with respect to the bond and assign as my Broker of Record. In consideration of SURETY issuing, renewing or substituting said bond(s), I, individually and as the owner or officer of the bonded entity, hereby understand and agree, as follows: (i) To reimburse SURETY for  any amounts SURETY pays or incurs due to any claims/suits relating to the bond; (ii) I am providing ‘written instructions’ to JET and SURETY under the Fair Credit Reporting Act authorizing JET to obtain information from my personal credit profile or other information from Experian; (iii) SURETY shall be under no obligation to procure its release under any law for the release of sureties and I release SURETY from any damage sustained due to cancellation of the bond and (vi) Performance and any form of dispute resolution of this agreement shall take place in the county of SURETY’s office of service, a facsimile copy or electronically signed version of this agreement shall be binding as if it were an original, and this agreement shall survive any changes in, substitute to or renewal of the bond(s).

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